Thursday, 29 May 2008


Thank you to Sally & Anna for the beautiful birthday gifts!!! Anna gave me this beautiful antique brass chair that she had recovered in my favourite fabric - the David Hicks geometric! I loved this chair the moment it walked in the door and I couldn't believe it when Anna gave it to me. Sal gave me the Vogue Living 'Houses, Gardens, People' book which I have wanted for a long time. When I have my own home one day it will have top priority on my coffee table! I know I will cherish these gifts forever. Thank you!!! xxx


Anna Spiro said...

Oh Av, so sweet of you! So glad you love your chair and the book Sal gave you is SO beautiful!!

windowsshopper said...

Wow Jane - what a nice gift from your boss, Anna! What it must be like working in her beautiful shop --- must be heavenly to go to work each day!!! My dream. Love your gift and look forward to you posting more often. Stephanie in Pasadena, Texas