Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Paris - Odeon - Courtyard

This courtyard looks just beautiful. It is situated in Paris. Would love to have a cup of tea in my hand, wander around and think. Bliss.

Monday, 26 February 2007

Florence Broadhurst

Unfolding Florence: The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst

Florence Broadhurst's lifestyle range

Florence Broadhurst Handbag
Image from Signature Prints

Inspiring artwork by renowned body artist, Emma Hack
Image from Signature Prints

Florence Broadhurst wallet & doorstop
Image from Signature Prints

A few days ago I did a post on the impact and influence that design fields such as fashion and art have on interior design. The impact of Florence Broadhurst's creations on fashion and art have been widespread, from clothing to doorstops!
I think that Emma Hack's work is amazing! The way that she has transformed Florence's pattern into a piece of art is so inspiring. Another piece of art which resemble's Florence's work is the cover of her movie, Unfolding Florence: The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst. The colours and patterns used resemble her work so well. Love the pink wallet also! Her creations are so versatile!

Sunday, 25 February 2007

What I would love right now...

I would just love to be in this beautiful rose bath right now. Wouldn't it be a lovely way to begin another week? What a difference the sweet pinks and reds make to a white bath. If only we didn't have water restrictions........

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

More Vintage Vogue

Finishing Touches by Norman Parkinsons, August 1967

Taj Mahal by Norman Parkinson, November 1956

The London Look by Henry Clarke, September 1961

London The Last Resort by Eugene Vernier, July 1961

I thought I would share with you some more of my favourite Vintage Vogue photographs. And I was so pleased to find the original Taj Mahal photograph above by Norman Parkinson in a Vogue magazine from 1956, for sale over the internet! I may have to make a few allowances so that I can purchase it, fingers crossed!!

Monday, 19 February 2007

Fashion & Design

Alice McCall ad campaign for their website: http://www.alicemccall.com/
-love the detailed design and colour in the hair

Florence Broadhurst designs (source: http://www.signatureprints.com.au/)

Dresses by Oscar de la Renta: www.netaporter.com

Anna mentioned to me last week that I should open my mind to the influence and impact that other design fields such as fashion and visual art have on interior design. The above design by Oscar de la Renta reflect one of the current looks at Black & Spiro: black, yellow and white. The yellow dress is very similar to the new curtains. The black dress also has some lace detail, similar to Dominique Kieffer's new range. Perhaps a new trend?

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Beautiful interiors - Tom Scheerer

Tom Scheerer - San Remo Apartment

Tom Scheerer - Brooklyn Townhouse

I love these rooms by American designer Tom Scheerer. Anna introduced me to him and after browsing his website came across these stunning rooms. I LOVE The Brooklyn Townhouse. I love the variety of different pieces and the simplicity. Some colour would liven it up. The cluster of pictures also look fantastic, however I would like to see small vintage mirrors and photographs amongst them. I would love to do something similar in my home one day. The dining room of the San Remo Apartment is also stunning. Again very simple, but has maximum impact. Also adore the mirror. Mirrors have the ability to transform any room, and look fantastic as a focal point. I love the way the reflect another part of the room.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Vintage Vogue

I am so so so in love with vintage vogue covers and photographs, the one above in particular. They inspire me so much. I would absolutely love to have each and every one in my bedroom, unfortunately space is a huge issue and I may be called somewhat obsessive. The black and white photograph above is by Henry Clarke and is titled 'Playclothes of the Western World' May 1962. I have a passion for black and white photographs. I think they are amazing. The mood of a black and white photograph is much more passionate than that of colour. You feel connected to the image. You can access vogue covers and photographs at the Vogue Cover Archive, they even have covers from 90 years ago! You can search for covers by year, model or photographer, which ever takes your fancy...

Click on the link to access their website: http://www.vogue.co.uk/CoverArchive/

I will be posting many more of my favourite covers soon....

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Valentine's Day Display @ Black and Spiro

Yesterday, Anna and I created two Valentine's displays for the windows of the shop at Black & Spiro. It is so pretty! The love heart shaped cushions arrived yesterday and we hung them from above with some ribbon. It looks so sweet. I hope it is enjoyed by many passers by.

Monday, 12 February 2007

Stunning Surprise

A chair that Anna ordered in October last year for the shop just arrived today!!!! It is absolutely stunning! Very Kelly Wearstler. I won't post a picture of it on my site, however I am sure Anna will surprise everyone sometime today so keep checking her blog http://www.absolutelybeautifulthings.blogspot.com/

I can assure you that you will not be disappointed!!

National Compliment Day

Today is National Compliment Day, so I thought I would share with you some thoughts on the girls at Black & Spiro. I would also like to thank them for welcoming me into their lives and the world of interior design.

Anna is an incredibly talented designer who is so passionate about her work. She is very inspiring to watch when working through different tasks each day. She is also very unique in her personality and style. I love her work!

Sally is a wonderful organiser and mother to everyone at work. I have found her to be so welcoming and helpful and she has helped me make my work area so beautiful. Sally is also a lovely person to share thoughts with.

Amanda is a very approachable, fun and vibrant designer. She is always there to lend a helping hand. Oh and did I mention she is gorgeous!

I am very lucky to work with such lovely girls! Thank you all!

Saturday @ Black & Spiro

Each Saturday I work in the shop at Black and Spiro. It gives me an opportunity to speak with customers about fabrics, wallpaper and items in the shop on my own. I learn a lot on Saturdays from speaking with customers (some who are often more familiar with fabrics than myself!) I also sold three items on Saturday... An antique wooden table, one of Anna's stunning coutour cushions and an antique bucket!! Very Exciting!

Thursday, 8 February 2007

Dominique Kieffer

Yesterday, Black & Spiro were introduced to the new Dominique Kieffer range. These fabrics are all just delicious! In particular I love the black lace, just stunning. I could imagine it in a little french boutique hotel, scattered amongst some fresh whites. This fabric exudes a sensual yet sophisiticated vibe. It also comes in a white lace which is also gorgeous.

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

My First Entry

My First Entry


My name is Avril and I have just started as a junior assistant at Black & Spiro, a beautiful interior designers located in New Farm, Brisbane. Anna, the wonderful and incredibly talented owner and head designer at Black & Spiro encouraged me to start this blog. On my blog, ‘Jane d’Avril’, I hope to share with you my thoughts and inspirations, beautiful things I come across and my journey at Black & Spiro.

A little note on my blog name;

My name is Avril Jane. Avril in English means the month of April, so to make things a little more interesting I translated my name to French, thus, Jane d’Avril. Apprenti decorateur d’interieur also means apprentice decorator of interiors. I love France. It is such a beautiful place and I would LOVE to live there some day. Same goes for Italy (especially Venice – this place amazes me!) but I won’t get started on that.

Some interesting information on my name;

Avril Jane (1868 – 1943) was a famous French can-can dancer. She began her career as a dancer at the Moulin Rouge in 1889. There she always dressed in red, and was the only performer who was allowed to wear coloured underwear – the others had to make do with white! It is said that “her dancing reflected a refined, sensitive nature and she somehow managed to project a seductive, imaginative and exotic nature as well”. She was reborn in the 2001 film Moulin Rouge. Also in that same year the noted French biographer, Fran├žois Caradec, published Jane Avril: Au Moulin Rouge Avec Toulouse-Lautre. (The image above is of Jane Avril, painted by Toulouse-Lautrec).

I can't wait to share with you my journey at Black & Spiro..........