Thursday, 26 June 2008

Henry Clarke

Henry Clarke Savoir-Faire December 1957 via

Henry Clarke Bar Du Soleil July 1961 via

This is Glamorous posted about Henry Clarke today. I LOVE his work and have a quite a few of his images saved on file. Last year for my birthday Sal & Anna had the above print (Bar Du Soleil) framed for me as a gift. It is so beautiful and hangs above my bed. Simple, casual elegance..

eBay - Hollywood Regency Lamps

I think these Hollywood Regency style lamp bases are beautiful! They come from Palm Springs, California. It is a shame the seller does not ship to Australia. This eBay auction finishes in 20 minutes and they have had no bids on them - still at US $9.99!! I think they would look gorgeous with a dirty aqua linen drum shade on them. Follow this link...

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Mismatched Curtains

Image via Domino Magazine

I love the idea of mismatched curtains. I would love to do this in a lounge room but I wonder whether it would start to frustrate me? Great concept if you can't decide what colour or pattern, just do one fabric on either side! Not one for the perfectionists out there...

Thank Heavens for Friends

Image via Domino
I have had a very less than average day today and I could think of nothing better than relaxing with my closest friends. I do not know what I would do without them. How beautiful does the string of beads look hung over the back of the chairs?

What a Steal

What a steal! This gorgeous wrought iron chair upholstered in Florence Broadhursts circles and squares sold for a mere $35.00 AU on ebay! I had been watching it for a while and forgot about it as the auction ended so late at night! I am sure another one will come up again. X