Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Nama Rococo Wallpaper

Sally found this fabulous Nama Rococo wallpaper via Kate Spade's website. Whilst I probably wouldn't have this in my own home, it is so unique and definetly worth blogging about. The particular print above is part of their couture and limited edition collection. Below is a small exert from their 'about us' page on their website.
"NAMA ROCOCO believes wallpaper can be musical. Sound is form. Tone is colour. We take flowing, lively shapes and knock them curiously off kilter. Colours, luminous and rich, are made to dance across the paper and into the living space".

Saturday, 9 June 2007


This is my first post in a while. I have been very busy at work, and finding inspiring images is a challenge for me. I have been loving candles lately. We have a Designers Guild 'waterleaf' candle at work which is divine. It's scent is amazing.