Wednesday, 21 February 2007

More Vintage Vogue

Finishing Touches by Norman Parkinsons, August 1967

Taj Mahal by Norman Parkinson, November 1956

The London Look by Henry Clarke, September 1961

London The Last Resort by Eugene Vernier, July 1961

I thought I would share with you some more of my favourite Vintage Vogue photographs. And I was so pleased to find the original Taj Mahal photograph above by Norman Parkinson in a Vogue magazine from 1956, for sale over the internet! I may have to make a few allowances so that I can purchase it, fingers crossed!!


style court said...

Avril, that Taj Mahal photograph is so beautiful!! I hope you get it :)

Fiona said...

Beautiful images! Good luck with your photo hunt.

casapinka said...

I hope you get it, too (I so want it as well but I promise I won't bid.) By the way, I used to post things prior to winning them on Ebay...BIG mistake. Keep your finds under wraps until you've won or you might just lose them!

Avril said...

Casapinka, you are too right! I missed out on it anyway, but I will follow your advice next time I find a treasure!

Avril said...

Style court and Fiona, I didn't get it, but I can only keep looking!

Anonymous said...

Hi There

Eugene Vernier is a friend of mine and he has plenty of photos which he is thinking of selling if you (or anyone else you know) are interested!!

Best Wishes

Lynn (UK)

san said...

i am from India, the Taj Mahal photograph is awesome... reminds me old time as now in the river beside the Taj has no water ,