Monday, 16 April 2007


I wanted to post some more white rooms but our scanner isn't working so it will have to wait till tomorrow. I think white is my favourite colour. It is so pure and clean, pity it can get so dirty!


style court said...

What a beautiful desk and upholsterd chair in that top bedroom.

mohairpink said...

I never even uttered the W word until Anna got me into it. Now I could possibly have a white bathtub, or maybe a wall. Beautiful pictures.

Avril said...

I've always loved white, but Anna has got me into more than ever. It is such fantastic colour to use. You could never have too much of it! Thank you Anna for the inspiration

Anna said...

I'm so glad to have inspired you Av!! White is my favourite colour of all and yes I do think of it as a colour not a shade! It just always looks wonderful, never dates and goes with absolutely everything!!